The International Laboratory  of Architecture and Urban Design, ILAUD is a free association – founded in Italy  in 1976 by Giancarlo De Carlo – among Universities, cultural institutions, individual persons and scholars whose  interests are focused  on the problems of physical environment.

ILAUD  activities  are carried on through laboratories based on studio work, seminars and lectures. Laboratories take place where there are issues particularly relevant that must be  studied in depth.  Design is used as a tool for exploring issues  and suggest tentative solutions that can be useful also for other cases.  Research projects and studios on these issues are further developed on a more permanent basis by the Schools of Architecture and Planning associated with ILAUD and in the three poles of Ahmedabad, Curitiba and Guangzhou.

ILAUD current activity focuses  in three issues that are among the most urgent  and at the same time difficult that the world is facing. They are conservation and innovation  of cities and landscapes (or of the man-made environment), the adjustment if the modern city to new needs and challenger, large scale  urbanization and sustainability.

ILAUD aims to approach these issues  in an original and innovative  way which can also produce positive  and realistic answers to existing problems. Its objective is to suggest solutions  that are neither produced by current market interests nor academic dreams, and that can contribute to solve  specific issues.

From 1976 to 2003 the activities were held in Italy, now they are organized in the most important emerging countries of Latin America, Asia, Africa  that will play a very important cultural role in the future. Themes and  problems that have a strong local identity  and at the same time are common to every region in the world  are studied.